The Best of Inkposts: Year Four

Inkposts reached its fourth birthday last year September, but we have yet to publish a post that contains the most popular posts of that year. This post is just that, but before we tell you what was most read in our fourth year, we’d like to remind you that Inkposts thrives of its submissions, and here is how you can contribute:

Fiction: Inkposts is open to all types of fiction so please send us your writing. There is a limit of 500 words.

Poetry: any kind of poem is welcome on our site, and there is only a limit of 22 lines.

Reviewswe want reviews of books, video games, films, music or of anything that you think is exceptional or stands out, whether it be a comic or play. We’re also eager to receive reviews that cover things produced by small/independent publishers. There is a general limit of 750 words, but we will consider longer pieces.

Writers’ Hideout: if there’s anything to do with writing that you think others need to know about then please send it in and keep it under 800 words.

Other: if there’s anything else that you think might be suitable for Inkposts we’d love to read it. Limit of 800 words.

Send your work in an email attachment to submissions[at]inkposts[dot]com with the title and category of your submission(s) in the subject line.

You can include a short bio of yourself, and you can send multiple pieces. There are no specifications for the theme or form of your submission, but please specify which category each piece is for.

For more on submissions go here.

Now, the top ten posts from our fourth year:

Cadell – L.O.N.D.O.N

Model by Victoria Lee

King Chip – Thornhill

Kingdom by Russ Litten

Seduce by Désirée Reynolds

Everything is Scripted by James Giddings

Natural Drama by Charlie Sellings

Gamble by Kerry Hadley-Pryce

Hold Tight by Jeffrey Boakye

Hometown Tales: Lancashire

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