Inkposts is always looking for contributions. They are great opportunities for us to receive things that are entertaining, unpredictable and different. Send your work in an email attachment to submissions[at]inkposts[dot]com with the title and category of your submission(s) in the subject line, and we will respond as soon as we can. Please check the following guidelines and have a look through the site before sending your work.

Please send with your submission a short bio of yourself that is only a few sentences.

You may send multiple pieces, and there are no specifications for the theme or form of your submission, but please specify which category each piece is for.

Inkposts reserves the right to edit your submissions, but these will only be minor changes such as grammar or spelling if necessary.

Fiction: all types of stories are welcome. Feel free to send us something that is daring, shocking or simply a good piece of writing. Do take a look around the fiction area of the site to get a feel of what we have put up so far. There is a limit of 500 words, but we will consider longer pieces.

Poetry: all forms of poetry are welcome. Do take a look around the poetry area of the site to get a feel of what we have so far. There is a limit of 22 lines, but we will consider longer.

Reviews: send us your reviews of books, video games, films, music or of absolutely anything else that you think is exceptional or stands out. If you are submitting a piece for something that you have been asked to cover then please ensure that your review is as honest as possible. There is a general limit of 750 words, but we will consider longer pieces. This does not include the additional comments we suggest you add at the end of your review.

Writers’ Hideout: send us anything to do with writing that you think Inkposts and others may need to know about. Limit of 800 words applies.

Other: anything else that you think may have the Inkposts mark somewhere on it is entirely welcome. Limit of 800 words.

What Writers Listen to: if we accept your work then you will be asked to choose a song you enjoy listening to and to also write a couple words about why you like it. It will be featured in this section.

We prefer unpublished work, but we will happily consider previously published pieces.

Authors featured on Inkposts retain all of the rights to their work.

There are no deadlines for submissions.

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