Model by Victoria Lee

We hate what comes with your figure,

but we envy what it brings.

Your parents worried about what your beauty would cause.

Now, our anxiety is triggered by your image;

it is our dreams’ gift.

And if that dream materialised,

then our looks would be our partners’ worry.

Then others, fueled by jealousy,

would criticise:

‘Isn’t her arse massive?

Her face is too long.

That’s definitely silicone in her breasts.’

We don’t love you.

It must be due to our feminine pride

or our own less-lucky genetics,

but if we had the option,

we would be you . . .

but we don’t.

Instead, you are our boyfriends’ wallpaper,

stuck to the screen as you make his dick shed tears in want.

Short Bio: Victoria Lee is obsessed with fitness and likes to write poems about anything she can.

Featured model photo: Hazel Renee.

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