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The Good. Unlike near everything else in the human experience, cannot be pinpointed or labelled or pigeonholed. Nor can it be communicated or expressed as easily and readily as its counter. It is an unspoken feeling of liberty and togetherness, an unspoken recognition where for brief pockets of existence there is only comprehension and feelings of oneness without fear and without self-serving agenda and simply some sort of cognition, a quiet mind uttering only one thing: ‘This is right’ yet you do not need the words to feel it. That’s as close as I can get, but this Light is something you yourself will have to come to recognize, I sincerely hope you do or have.

I have.

It is why I am here telling you about it.

Modern life’s great deception, its driving force and its detractor is the selling of the dream, rather than the cultivation of the…

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