Leander Janik & Lilli – Papaya

Most of the songs in my Amazon player have been heard by no more than a few, and probably purchased by far less, so writing about them is a good way to bring them the attention, and possibly the recognition, they deserve.

Inside my well organised cloud of music resides Papaya, by Leander Janik; a music duo from Germany that specialise in making electronic music. Papaya is one of their earlier releases is one of their best. The sample used in the track sounds ancient and gives each version a rusty feel that takes you back to a time of long skirts, and black and white television. Although, each interpretation progresses into a more modern sound without losing that old-school magic. Airdice’s remix is a deep house re-imagining of the track, which is pleasant, but it’s the original mix that is something special. It eclipses the others with its UK funky-type beat and upbeat arrangement:

The Bunched remix is the most playful and possesses a rhythm worthy of head-bobbing, while Arts & Leni’s remix has a pop friendly feel that can be danced to.

Papaya is a rare and unique release. It’s not often music sounds this original in today’s climate, and, unsurprisingly, Leander Janik haven’t made anything else like it since . . . yet.

Papaya is available here.

Listen to more of Leander Janik here.

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