Hagan – Holding On

Label and release date: Car Crash Set (2014)

Over the past few years, London-based producer Hagan has released several remixes, bootlegs and standalone tracks. Many of which have been a new take on his sound. Holding On plays like a result of those experimentations and is his most impressive piece of work to date.

Holding On boasts four songs and takes the listener on a journey through African-driven bass music. Together, the tracks are undeniably UK funky and house with a touch of grime, but Hagan re-defines these genres through impeccable production. Rankin’ is an example of this as well as the star of the EP. Its distinctive, forceful sound commands all of the listener’s attention and ensures it is not left playing as background music.

The vocal snippets on the opening, titular track – Holding On – adds a touch of elegance but urgency to the already catchy beat, whilst 1991 is six minutes of glory that doesn’t let up with its sharp bridges and hard drums. The EP finishes with the unexpected track Keep Coming, which ends Holding On on a fast, aggressive high.

By listening to his work it’s clear that Hagan is not concerned with receiving mainstream attention, but, given the quality of his music, Hagan not only maintains consistency on Holding On but also creates the perfect reason for many more people to take notice.

  • Reasons to listen to: an excellent EP that’s also a great introduction for listeners new to Hagan during the run-up to his latest release, which is available at the end of this month.
  • Where to get: Amazon





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