I Think so I Drink by Pete Vaughan

Smile and the world laughs outside

money talks as the faces lie

you give your love they take it all from you

A friend in need’s your friend, don’t say it isn’t


I think so I drink I don’t drown

I drink ‘cause I think I am

I think so I drink oblivion come down

I drink ‘cause I think I am


The power they fought for, the freedom you taste

the suffering they brought was their weakness and waste

the world you enjoy is a prison of escape

the wall’s groan hope but you know it’s a fake


An easy day I read tomorrow

accept these gifts ignore the sorrow

the walls groan hope but life is truth

who’s your only friend? Don’t say that isn’t true

oblivion come down


Short Bio: Pete Vaughan began his transition across this life west of London, England. Loved and lost, once Peel Sessioned; now between just about everything.

Featured image: Untitled by Alessandro Galantucci

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