The Storm by Akeem Balogun

We are pleased to tell our followers that Inkposts founder, Akeem Balogun, will be releasing his first book, the short story collection The Storm, this October through Okapi Books.

It will be available in both a limited-edition hardback and in paperback. The cover is an original painting by Arantza Pardo, while the audiobook will be narrated by the amazing dub artist Rider Shafique.

The book features 13 stories exploring the way its characters respond to the volatile world of the collection. You can read an entry from the collection here.

We’re delighted about the book! And it’s a positive piece of news during the current widespread crisis. We hope all of you who follow Inkposts are excited about it too and look forward to its release.

For all news on the book, please keep up with Akeem and the press through any of the socials below, and we’ll make all of our followers aware when it becomes available.

Akeem Balogun | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Okapi Books | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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