Written Gallery

Anyone who’s been following Inkposts for the past few years probably knows that a team of people, Akeem Balogun, David Azik and Andrew Chaim, keep the site running. They all have other full-time commitments outside of Inkposts, but the bulk of the work is handled by Akeem.

Due to wanting to focus on his own writing, Akeem will be taking a slight step back from the website. He will still be involved in an editorial capacity, but much of his time will go towards his fiction and the maintenance of his own website, Written Gallery, which is home to his own writing.

Akeem’s fiction has appeared in various publications over the years, Now Then Magazine, Flash and In The Red to name a few, and Inkposts will continue to follow and support him throughout his writing career. We’re also glad to still have him involved with the website in some capacity.

You can visit Written Gallery here where you can read a few of Akeem’s stories, such as Costumes and Escape.

You can also follow Akeem on Twitter and on Facebook.

The next few posts on Inkposts will be some of Akeem’s last for the blog.


If you want to submit to Inkposts you can do so by visiting our submissions page.

Featured image by Leeroy.

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