COGS by Phoenix McAndrew

Times and dates
scuttle over pages;
it tears my ears
this noise
on paper.

while I dream of anywhere,
give me urgency and
that trace the pages.

We could crawl
out of our cages & prowl
over the lines.
Dotting our eyes with love hearts,
talking to the flowers & trees,
the birds.

I bleed,
blood shot,
hard worn with study,
cracking my teeth.

I’m departing
from hard earned life lessons;
clutching accidental poetry
sprawling out.


Short Bio: Phoenix McAndrew is a poet based in the North. She’s performed with poets such as Jean Binta Breeze, Mark Gwynne Jones, Lemn Sissay, Buddy Wakefield and Hollie McNish, and has been published in various anthologies such as Where Ever You Roam (Slim Volume) and in everyday hymn, a young writer’s anthology (Writing Yorkshire/Arvon).

Featured image by Brandi Redd


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