Metamorphosis by Jamie Ryder

When the seconds stretch between us
like a stampede of buffaloes running
from lionesses
it makes me question
if I ever had the wisdom of an owl
and whether I followed an obscured path
with the chaotic flitting of a bat screeching
his sonar symphony
I wish I could make my heart as light as a feather
to stand before the jackal when he weighs it
against Ma’at’s truth
when I collect the shattered pieces
of my expectations
I can stick them back together
become something that isn’t
stitched together by blind circumstance
and feckless platitudes
I can crack open the cocoon
see with eyes that find a promised land
and cherish the ones who were
in front of me all along.


Short Bio: Jamie Ryder was born in Manchester, England. His short stories have appeared on Short Story Sunday, Fireborn Publishing and New Realm Magazine. When he’s not creating fantasy worlds he’s blogging about saving animals over at Wings and Wildhearts.

Featured image by GLady.

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