DrDr – Struggling EP

Review by Kirsty Rich

Label and release date: Glyph Recordings (2014)

DrDr have done a few things the past couple years: several remixes, covers and EP releases, but have yet to reach the ears of the mass public, so, understandably, it’s not hard to see why the EP has been called struggling. But whatever the title of the EP infers, the music behind it sounds like the band know how to make quality music with little effort.

DrDr create the type of music that’s hard to be called bad by anyone, even those that are new to the term deep garage will be able to acknowledge the quality and enjoy the four tracks the EP has. The title track is the darkest on the EP and is heavy in its use of deep house and garage for the majority of it before transforming into something more dubstep-like to deliver a raw ending that sounds like it’s eager to impress, which it does.

Warning Signs is a song that has the potential to be one of the band’s most popular, more so than Curtis Gabriel’s remix of Struggling at the end of the EP, without following the trends of current pop music, and is something that would be playing in every household if more people heard it. Finish Line is an elegant, relaxed listen, and for a moment makes the listener aware that DrDr is a band that could very well be a staple name in British music.

Struggling is a wonderful EP that is not only a pleasant listen but proof DrDr are deserving of much more attention.





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