Move Me by Phoenix McAndrew

Cushioned by gravel

dizzy from crashing




Black coal under my eyes

the stars in them

I stole from the sky.


Split skin

trickling blood

meets rain on pavements

dances into gutters.

silhouettes blurred

scream to move me.


Short bio: Phoenix McAndrew is a poet based in the North, She’s performed with poets such as Jean Binta Breeze, Mark Gwynne Jones, Lemn Sissay, Buddy Wakefield and Hollie McNish, ande has been published in various anthologies such as Where Ever You Roam (Slim Volume) and in everyday hymn, a young writer’s anthology (Writing Yorkshire/Arvon).

Featured image by Pasquale Vitiello

4 thoughts on “Move Me by Phoenix McAndrew

  1. I hate to use such a moronic word but your writing has matured from the drunken stuff we used to do in the attic that boggled Dnos brain. Beautifully disturbing imagery. Can i clap along at home?

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