Bank Street Writers: Scene

Larry sat down sweating, while his younger host picked cold blackberries from a bowl of fruit, ignoring the hot dish beside it.

“How do you plan to bring him out?” Larry asked. He wasn’t answered, and the younger man began chewing noisily.

“I’ll get him out,” he eventually replied. “Don’t concern yourself with anything else.”


His host stopped eating and put a berry he was carrying back in the bowl. “If you really need to know,” he said. Larry nodded. “What I’ll use has a reputation”, he raised his finger stopping Larry who was about to interrupt. He leaned back in his chair, stared down at the table and began tapping it with his finger. “If there was a Nobel prize for creating panic in our children, wives, you, me and everyone else, then it would win each year.” He picked up another blackberry. “So, don’t worry; I’ll bring him out.”

“With what?”

“Fear. I’m going to fill every corner of his house with it.”

About the above scene

I was going to publish a post about the benefits of writing groups, but I decided to publish this scene instead, which I wrote in a session at Bank Street Writers. The purpose behind sharing this is to demonstrate the type of writing that can come out of exercises at writing groups: under-produced but still possessing an idea that can possibly be expanded upon. To explore this point, and since I won’t continue or edit the above piece in any way, I would like you to leave comments below with what you think could have happened before and after the scene.

  1. Initially I thought of some kind of revenge motivated story, but then I considered a exorsism or Voodoo theme. This could also be part of an exposure story, perhaps journalistic or even criminal, focussed upon ‘outing’ a character. It very much depends on the tone of voice in which one reads this section. Food for thought indeed.

    1. You’ve got some big ideas there, Chris. The journalistic angle, especially, sounds interesting. It’s good to see the thoughts that can grow from one small, piece of writing.

  2. I’m not a professional writer lol But my initial thought while reading this was maybe revenge? Awesome piece though, because it leaves so much to the imagination. :)

    1. In a way that makes your input very valuable, as I’m more concerned with regular readers enjoying my writing more so than other writers ;) but every reader matters (that sounds like a slogan doesn’t it?). It does leave a lot to the imagination, but the good thing about a finished piece is that it can have more reasons for a reader to enjoy it.

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