Magic City Hippies

Label and release date: New World Music Group (2013)

If any band has captured the feeling of Miami or life in the sun it’s Magic City Hippies (previously known as Robby Hunter Band), and they do so with ease, but not after some perseverance by band leader Robby Hunter in his search for permanent band members, later to be multi-instrumentalists Pat and John, to join the Hippie Castle and release their début album, Magic City Hippies.

The opening track is an energetic introduction to the sound of indie-funk and the life of Miami bohemian citizens, while the songs that follow expand on the Magic City Hippy lifestyle. Every track on the album is positive, cool and slick, but despite their loose and enjoyable feel they are all delicately crafted. Book I Never Read, Never Say No and Hard on Me are all examples of this, whilst tracks like Corazón, Treat You Right and T.Y.A Interlude fuse rock, hip hop, dance and disco. Unsurprisingly, these are some of the best songs on the album, but they don’t steal the appeal from the immensely good tracks Prime, Fire and Bust, the most lyrically entertaining song on the album.

Magic City Hippies has been described as “oozing with funk”, and for good reason: this début has cemented the band’s unique sound and is enough to keep any listener satisfied until the band release their next full-length album.

  • Reasons to listen to: a great album that’s fun to listen to with songs that can be played again and again without losing their colour or appeal.
  • Where to get: Bandcamp
  • Favourite Lyric: “You don’t give a fuck, you just want to bust, what about love? What about trust?”

Magic City Hippies | Website

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