Submissions and Two Years of Inkposts

During the past two years Inkposts has had contributors submit consistently, but we would like to have more submissions following the site’s second birthday this September.

As well as this, we want our readers, and potential contributors, to know more than ever that Inkposts is a space for enjoying writing and not only the work of those who run the site, but, hopefully, of many more. Our submission guidelines can be viewed here.

Following our second anniversary, Inkposts will be undergoing a few changes:

  • Your Week Fictionalised (YWF) will no longer be updated with new entries.
  • We will attempt to add a new post at least once a week (we are a team of three and our ability to contribute varies).
  • We are also going to bring a slightly new dimension to the site with the writing we review and explore outside the original work on Inkposts. There will be updates on this in the future.

The past few years have been entertaining and extremely educational. We are glad to have the readership we do, and we look forward to keeping this space a place for enjoying writing.

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