My wife asked me to come to the mall, but I wasn’t in the mood for its crowds or life-like mannequins. “Careful,” I said, “last time one of them tried to grab me.” She laughed, left and never came back.

I reported her missing: “She has a green handbag and a scar on her forehead,” I told police. “She’s beautiful.”

They promised to find her. They never did.

Sometimes, I pass the store where she was last seen; one of its mannequins carries a green handbag and has a mark on its forehead. For a piece of plastic, it’s beautiful.

Note on Mannequin

I wrote Mannequin for Off the Shelf’s competition Retail Tales. The word limit was 100 words. It came runner up and appeared on the Off the Shelf Festival of Words website in 2014.

Featured mannequin photo by Razoomgame.

  1. A brief masterpiece, Akeem; it made me smile, think and shiver just a little. Thanks for leading me here by reading and commenting on my mannequins post. I’m glad to find you and Inkposts!

    1. Good stuff. It was good to see what others had to say about these objectively harmless servants of capitalism ;). Thanks for sharing it as well, and, of course, I’m glad you like Inkposts.

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