A Guide for Buying What You Wear by Richard May

Firstly, there are no limitations,

so don’t restrict your identity to trends,

Secondly, “The fit is half the item.”

Read that again one more time.

Thirdly, form follows function,

like beauty follows care.

Function reasonably –

get what you can afford –

and things will form themselves.

Lastly, be careful with your decisions:

Is it essential?

Will it fit with what you already have?

Will you create something new?

Or will you mesh your identities together?


These lines are only guide,

in an art where poor decisions are made each day,

but follow these rules and there will be no mistakes to make.


Short Bio: Richard May is currently studying fashion and has been known to spend up to a month on deciding whether or not to buy a single piece of clothing.

Featured image: Fashion by Camila Damásio

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