Porcupine Tree – Collapse the Light Into Earth

After having Thomas Dean’s writing featured on Inkposts throughout April, his mother, Susan Dean, tells us what her late son enjoyed listening to:

“As far as the music Thom enjoyed, there’s so much that it’s hard to narrow it down. He listened to everything from John Lennon, to Wu Tang Clan, and everything in between, but I know one band he really enjoyed was Porcupine Tree.”

A book by and about Thom called  Immortal: The Life and Legacy of Thomas Dean is available hereFor information on the Thomas Dean Memorial Fund please visit here

  1. Thank you guys so much for doing this! His memory will live on forever. I know he’d be happy with this. Thank you again! <3

  2. Thank you so much for sharing Thom’s writings. He was such an amazing young man who had so much talent . . . and it was only the beginning. Love you.

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