I Brought A Zombie Back to Life Today by Thomas Dean

I brought a zombie back to life today.
Once the rot congealed I bought her a drink
And asked her what it was like on the other side

She said she missed the sick slick spit of sputum
Falling unopposed down the back of her throat
Down and out like a drainpipe over an endless moving sidewalk

Towards graveyards where their buried cousins lay underground
With her 10,000 brothers—she used to have a name—
They all used to have names…

Draining her jack and coke she crooked her head to me.

Our tribute to Thomas Dean continues next Monday with ‘Nana’s Closing Breath’.

  1. What an interesting poem – combining poetry with the supernatural (two of my favourite genres, by the way)! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

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