Putting Words Together by Carl Loftus

First off, let me say I am not going to talk about the beliefs on how writing poetry is accomplished, but simply around the contemporary politics and reasons why no one seems interested anymore. We are a dying art. Pop culture has elevated us and isolated us in a weird cross road that seems more emphasised than ever.

In my very own frank opinion, I don’t think poetry is that important to the majority of today’s world. Most people don’t think and just do (IGNORANCE IS BLISS). Consume this and consume that. I am indeed guilty of this to a degree, although I do try to a certain extent to think, hence why I’m doing a degree. Just take a minute, shut up for once in your lives, and think about what you are actually doing: working to live, living to work, writing to live or living to write, even If you are making ends meet in some other way remember, and I congratulate you for it, that at least you are trying. Well at least trying to get somewhat of a bigger picture.

Poetry does not have the same significance as it once did; although it has been exploited in other mediums such as music, where actually some of it is poetry, yet not with the academic prestige that we are blessed with. However, money talks in this contemporary world, and the best gain the pounds, whilst we starve on our academic supposed superiority. I do actually enjoy writing it. Someone may think my work is shit, and by that I mean something oxymoronic to what was actually being said; once it is out there it is out there.

Let the vulturous critics pick the meat of our words. If they find the sweetest of cuts like a fillet steak then good. If not, then I hope they get the shits.

Short Bio: Carl Loftus is an undergraduate writer, philosopher and originator, who is looking for new perspectives and improving writing among his peers. More of his writing can be found here.

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