Friends by Alan Dawn

I’ve got too many.

Over one hundred in my phone book and hundreds more online.

My pool of people to annoy, stalk, laugh at and laugh with.

Old friends:

the most important ingredients of my memory, but I’ve lost too many.

To relationships, jobs and distance.

They’re the people I don’t like the most and the people I love as much as family.

Few of them contact me, so, I don’t contact them.

They’re probably thinking the same, so we don’t contact each other.

New friends:

I’ve made too many.

They give me a reason to smile and remind me I’m not on my own.

They’re old friends of other friends.

Thrown into a cycle of ever changing acquaintances.

Short Bio: Alan Dawn likes to sail, drink and read. He hopes to one day release a collection of his poetry.

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