What’s Wrong with Indie Bookstores

Writing in a Dead World

Indie BookstoreAlthough the term “Indie” derives from the word independent, its use means more than simply self-governing. The “Indie” sub-culture of the music, film and books, includes those producing artistic works and doing so outside of, or perhaps in spite of, the corporate commercial gatekeepers. Indie is not just about “going it alone” or “keeping all the profits.” The Indie badge of honor is to produce and distribute unique and talented voices regardless of whether those voices meet the perceived  conventions of commercial value or dictated popular market viability. Being Indie isn’t an adjective that describes independence, it’s a word that embodies a spirit and an attitude.

Indie artists and supporters are one part rebel and one part entrepreneur. They are the agents of artistic and cultural change. In fact, their spirit drives today the things that will be the commercial success of tomorrow. Indie music and film have changed the…

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