Chuck Inglish – WRKOUT.

Label and release date: Cake (2012)

From its cover, it’s not wrong to assume WRKOUT is a tape full of hard beats created specifically for those who undertake merciless fitness regimes, but, upon downloading and listening to it, it’s very much the opposite.

The tape has a composition even more relaxed than WRKING along with more tracks that stand out, and it’s hard not to like each one. Songs like Different and Sailboats illustrate Chuck Inglish’s flexibility as a producer, Smallville (named after Superman’s home town) is one of the strongest songs while Wild Saturday Night is a nice track that would have fitted in well on Driver 2’s original soundtrack.

Despite WRKOUT being eight tracks shorter than WRKING it’s content has been selected more carefully. Surprisingly, none of the beats are from The Cool Kids’ albums or mixtapes meaning some of Chuck Inglish’s best instrumentals, such as the ones for So Neat and Gas Station, are absent.

WRKOUT is a smooth and passive listen that proves its creator is one of the best producers, or at least most original, in hip-hop at the moment. It’s unlikely there’ll be a WRKHARD tape or something similar in the near future, but WRKOUT is more than enough to keep fans satisfied until Chuck Inglish’s next instrumental-only release.

  • Reasons to listen to: a pleasant beat tape containing similar yet diverse instrumentals that are good for listening to on any occasion.
  • Where to get: Datpiff.


Chuck Inglish: Soundcloud | Twitter  | YouTube


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