Black History Month

Peter rubbed his eyes as he moved through the assembly hall towards the lectern. He brushed his long, ginger hair back when he got to the platform. He covered his mouth as he yawned and pushed his memory stick into the computer. Most of the two hundred students were still speaking. He stepped from behind the stand and called for silence before explaining to them that it was black history month. A few kids rolled their eyes and pulled their phones from their pockets. In front of him, a black pupil pretended to hang himself with an invisible noose. Peter began talking about the struggle many Africans went through during the slave trade and went on to explain what the following slideshow would contain.

He moved back behind the lectern and opened the memory stick while reminding the students that some of the images would be disturbing. He saw one icon in the flash-drive folder and leaned closer to the monitor. He squinted at the video file, leaned back and stared at the screen before double-clicking it. A silence ensued until a collective gasp made him turn around to see the projection behind him: enlarged on the projector screen was footage of a pale-skinned man with shoulder-length ginger hair moving back and forth behind a bent-over, dark-skinned woman who was glistening with sweat. No audio came from the video, but the image of a bottle of rum lying on the sofa was clear.

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