She’s standing in front of a shelf looking through a comic book. He’s watching from a different aisle thinking: “If I reach for one near her maybe that’ll break the ice.” His eyes are on her figure, which is still visible behind her thin jacket. He walks up to her, but she answers her phone making him stop. A few seconds later he moves forward again only to stare at the comics now in front of him.

He takes one off the shelf, opens it and looks at the images as an assessment of himself occurs in his mind: “I haven’t had a haircut in a while, my clothes are old and my shoes are dirty.” Her call ends, and he watches her when she closes the comic. She eyes the rest on the shelf, and he turns to her about to speak but stops when she reaches for one next to him. She smiles, and he looks back expressionless before forcing his stare to the row in front of him. She lifts another one, and he does the same. He looks down at it without turning a page while her body faces his as she flicks through a second comic. When she reaches the last page she slams it shut making him look in the direction of the noise: he sees her smiling at him, although he doesn’t talk or smile back. Instead, he watches her turn and walk away towards the counter.


Featured image by Maya Karmon

  1. Only got time to read this just now but definitely be back at again.
    That was eerily reminiscent of many of my teenage ‘Almost’ sexual encounters, the plan, the nerves, the awkward backdown and then the crash.
    Hopefully it’s not just me otherwise i really am pathetic :-/

  2. I started to read your blog, is pretty amazing, i really like your writing style! I also wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my latest post “Too late…much too late”. I’ll be back to read more of your creations!

  3. I like it. It’s a pretty accurate portrayal of how these things go, at least from my perspective. One thing in the plan goes wrong and everything falls apart. For a bit I thought he was going to bump into her too hard and knock her over, maybe send her to the hospital or something, which would have been ironic. This was a more realistic take though.

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