They’re neatly stacked on three trays, each carrying fifteen. It’s taken me five years to amass it and something like £12,000. Most of that was spent on travel, moving, appliances and so on. I rarely take them out – unless I get exceptionally excited from thinking about them. That usually occurs before I sleep or soon after I’ve woken up, and I couldn’t describe the thrill I get from licking each one individually. I remember once when I was pulling them out, and I dropped the whole shelf . . .

My collectibles are the only strange thing about me, besides that I’m your common, almost stereotypical young woman: I have a bearable, but okay paying job that allows me to travel – which is good for adding more to my collection. I have friends, family, a boyfriend – or full time arch-enemy – and I spend a lot of time doing what people do: drinking, going to the cinema and eating out. The girls and I even went to a library last weekend, just for kicks. It’s only when it comes to this that I lose all sense of humanity. I become selfish, only wanting to further my collection. The joy I get from lining them up on the table is unique and at the same time uncanny. It gets me wet, it makes me sick and I even throw up at times, but I need them. For obvious reasons I can only have them out of the freezer for short periods, but a few moments are enough. However, sometimes, I do wish fingers were easier to collect.

  1. For some reason I just kept thinking of “Salad Fingers” while reading this. Him and his rusty spoons. If you’re not familiar, Youtube it. It’s the most disturbing cartoon I’ve ever seen.
    Delightfully creepy post.

    1. Great I’ve just youtubed Salad fingers…. I have no doubt I won’t just be able to leave it at the first episode! Weird shit!

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