Ink Splatter 08 by Loadus

The Love Weed, by Alan Ernest

Malcolm had the answer to Dave’s nicotine problem: introducing him to the latest thing technology had to offer: The Lettuce cigarette. The trouble with this particular brand is that it tended to act as an aphrodisiac.

‘There’s something wrong with these.’ Dave said. ‘Even Al looks admirable after a few puffs. What’s in ‘em?’

Malcolm was absorbed – blowing a rather nice smoke ring deliberately aimed towards Tim’s head, circumventing it. He turned towards Dave with a fixed smile on his lips, blinked a couple of times and said ‘Dunno’. Who cares?’ then offered a batch to Tim who stuffed his pipe with it.

Dave was less enthusiastic. ‘I’m not sure. Al looks positively delectable, I must be on a high.’

Malcolm observed him closely. ‘Like loves Young Dream’ he quipped.

Dave balked at the thought, while dousing the hallucinatory item in the office receptacle, ”Nuff of that! I’d sooner have a stomach pump thrust down me throat.’

Pic Of Tim On Cloud 9Picture by Alan Ernest

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